James Thayer

I'm the founder and coach of Byproduct Performance.


    • Assistant Director of Fitness & Health Promotion: Washburn University
    • Pre-Script Coach
    • RX'D Radio Podcast Co-Host
    • Co-Creator of Programming Principles Course
    • NSCA Kansas State Advisory Board
    • ACE Fitness Master Trainer  





    Fall in love with the process and results will be the byproduct.

    This simple phrase has been everything to me. It’s the spark that ignited the flame that set the world ablaze. That passion created a career and a philosophy that invoked the creation of Byproduct Performance. Learning to fall in love with the process, because progress is as much of a mental pursuit as it is a physical endeavor.

    The process, the journey, the pursuit, it's the endeavors we encounter along the way that challenges us to learn and earn results. No one writes books that focus the majority of the chapters about the destination, it’s about the trials and tribulations, the development and growth that occur along the way. Stories about Mount Everest never entice the reader through the spectacle of the view even though it's the highest point in the world. It’s the story and the journey to the top that captivates and cultivates the reader towards action.

    In the same stream of thought emerged the focus for Byproduct Performance. Utilizing the 3 E's of Engage, Educate, and Empower, I focus on teaching an understanding of the process of progression to assist clients, coaches and trainers to reach their goals.


    • Fall in Love with the Process
    • Engage, Educate, Empower
    • Paint the Edges
    • Exhaust the body, Settle the mind
    • Walk when you must, Sprint when you can